Fashion Week Internationale: Tel Aviv

by Mireia Sabanés,

Vice Fashion Week Internationale team, with Charlet Duboc at the front, travels to Tel Aviv. The city celebrates, for second year in a row, a fashion week that pretends to offer international projection, reinforcing the secure atmosphere and comsmopolitan relax that is created during the event. But everything faints just a few hours after the beginning with the burst of the  palestinian israeli conflict in Tel Aviv. Three documentary pieces show the short stay of Charlet in the city, who will have enough time to discuss the controversial law that wants to control the body weight of the models involved in the Fashion Week and the use of Photoshop in mainstream advertising. We can hear opinions of professionals, who agree with a law that wants to fight the first cause of  women death in Israel: anorexia, but there is space as well for the ones that don’t think it’s necessary. We also become introduced to photographer Lior Nordman, who – inspired by religious and political taboos of the arab culture – creates really symbolical images and leads a whole generation of creators that use that kind of themes to put in evidence the high level of repression that they are subjected to.

Full vídeos here.