by Maike Moncayo,

Samuji is a creative studio directed by the Finnish Samu -Jussi Kosi, who in a past life was creative director of the design department of the iconic textile brand Marimekko. We stumbled upon his work for the first time past spring, when he premiered his Samuji Seasonal collection. A proposal that put the delicious prints  on center stage and excelled with a fresh and unexpected look book.

Samuji Seasonal | Samuji Seasonal | Samuji Seasonal | Samuji Seasonal |

Now, the designer presents Samuji Classic, an impeccable winter collection, which, again, has been a true discovery. At first glance timeless, classic and functional, however , there is something in this collection that distils an avant-garde take on fashion. Interesting silhouettes, that are subtly enhanced, minor disproportions or frayed finishes imprint an irresistible casualness and freshness in the typically Scandinavian minimalist line, that we know from brands like Acne or COS. And the best of all? Each garment by Samuji is entirely in made inEurope, supporting a philosophy of local and sustainable production.
Samuji | Samuji | Samuji | Samuji | Samuji | Samuji | Samuji |