Lillian Bassman in the Loewe Foundation

by Carlos Moreno,

Lillian Bassman. Pinceladas |

My contribution has been to photograph the world of feminine fashion capturing the emotions of a woman through the eyes of another woman

The Loewe Foundation presents ‘Lillian Bassman. Pinceladas‘, a retrospective of the work of Bassman in the context of PhotoEspana 2014. « I was interested in creating a vision that transcends what the camera can capture. This way of seeing photography came to me through drawing and painting ». The exposition, curated by Maria Millan, shows the instaneaous mythicals of Bassman, unknown to the general public, aiming towards eclipsing the whole world through her retrospectives in 1993 in the Palace of Tokyo in Paris and the Howard Greenberg Gallery of New York. Restless photographer, she decided to experiment all throughout her career until in 1971 she destroyed many of her negatives and archives, recuperated by her assistant two decades later and shown to the public, becoming key figures of American fashion photography of the 20th century.

Lillian Bassman. Pinceladas | Lillian Bassman. Pinceladas | Lillian Bassman. Pinceladas | Lillian Bassman. Pinceladas |

Calle Serrano, 26

30 de mayo – 31 de agosto