Marí­a Pensi

by Marí­a Pensi,

Maria Pensi was born in Barcelona during a time of revolution and social changes, on November 3rd, 1989, same month and year of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Argentine father, Architect and Product Designer, and Catalan Graphic Designer mother, Maria decided to study something totally different but not less artistic: Fashion Design.

I hasn’t been always her dream, but since childhood she always loved colors, fabrics and a good combination of clothing, textures and materials.

Graduated in 2011, having made an internship with Martin Lamothe and a final thesis about the Agony of Time, Maria moved to London.

Barcelona was small for her dreams and she wanted to open her mind, as she said, “Creativity is fed with new things, you’ll never grow if you stay home. You must be in continuous living movement.

“During the 4 years of her fashion design career, Maria also entered in the music world with her voice, singing with her father and his band along with Soundexile Group, first in a intimate concert in Buenos Aires, in 2009, and after in a bigger show at Sala Bikini in Barcelona. “I think Design is very close to Music, both are pure inspiration and the perfect example is that fashion catwalks, and design studios need music background continuously”

A whole year in London changed the course of her life. She worked with Georgia Hardinge, designer of the London Fashion Week, helping her to design and assisting her in the backstage of the September 2011 Catwalk. At the same time she also began to collaborate with a fashion online magazine in Barcelona, “It Fashion”, where she actually provides new trends articles from the British capital.

After six months with Georgia, she needed a change and entered in the field of Footwear Design, something she always liked but never dared to do, Joanne Stoker invited Maria to collaborate with her. She finally designed there her own ideas first on paper and then digitally, also attending the London Fashion Week in February 2011 as an assistant.

She enjoyed her London life, learned and grew up knowing how a fashion company works. But internships could not last forever … so as she was getting into the world of fashion communication, and always liked to talk and write about trends, she decided to attend to a Fashion Journalism Master at the London Central Saint Martins School.

Now Maria is in Barcelona, still writing for It Fashion and now exploring new creative stages, creating and developing her own projects.

Maria seems to need a continuous revolution in her life, challenges, new things to learn and to be creative all the time, may be because she was born in the same year that the Berlin Wall fell and the whole world changed?. It is not easy to know…

Her mind and interests now look at Latin America, could be her next step, probably because of her roots and the family connections that  Maria has to discover there…